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We're a Full Service Financial Planning Office

Money Advisors is a full-service financial planning office. Our team has combined experience of over 100 years ready to work for you. No matter what, we help you stay on track with your savings goals. We provide you the best financial advice for saving money.We have highly experienced Estate, Retirement and Financial Planning Team members with years of experience. As you work hard to earn your money, we work hard to make sure your financial planning is perfect.


Retirement and Estate Planning

We assist in the estate clearance process and consult with loved ones as part of our services to our clients.

The main pillars of successful retirement and estate planning are based on:

  • Knowing what you will need to have financial security and independence
  • Considering what you want your legacy to be which will define your life purpose and what you want financially
  • Using the proper financial tools to build wealth and preserve it
  • How to creditor proof your wealth through investment strategies
  • How to minimize your taxes now and for your survivors
  • How to minimize estate taxes probate fees and secure estate assets

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

We take the time to know you, your goals and dreams for yourselves, your families and your business. Once we get to know you, we work to design a plan using financial tools

that best suit your needs. Our strategies are based on security,

flexibility, diversification, performance — and most importantly — how they add value to you.



Important Financial Tools

RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan), RRIF (Registered Retirement Income Fund), LIF (Life Income Fund), TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account), RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan), RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan), Critical Illness and Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Business Insurance and Leveraged Investing.

Business Insurance

Businesses buy insurance to protect their tangible assets such as buildings. We need to consider the importance of protecting our partners and key people in our organizations. Proper business planning looks at ensuring their is financial peace of mind.

We assess your needs to help you protect your growth and help insure your company’s survival through business insurance.

We also specialize in group benefits and pension plans, providing added value to your employees.



Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance is provided through our two main carriers: GMS (Group Medical Services) and TuGo Travel Insurance. Whether you are looking for travel insurance for your next vacation, visitors to Canada or the SuperVisa.

No trip is ever the same! With adventure comes the possibility of health emergencies, missed flights, lost luggage and potential thousands in hospital bills. Nobody wants to deal with medical bills and debt collections after a trip.

Did you know that the average cost per day in a U.S. hospital is $10,000?

If you get sick or injured outside of Canada, the government covers less than 10% of the total cost. A minor ear infection can cost thousands if you have to reschedule your flight.

Planned Giving

We are passionate about giving back to our community. We believe strongly that a part of being good stewards of our finances is sharing it with those in need.

If you establish and donate qualifying assets, you receive a donation tax credit that you can minimize your tax liability in current and future years.

As part of planned giving, the power of a simple life insurance policy cannot be ignored. Through a policy you can deduct

annual premiums and know that you can benefit while building your legacy. Imagine how your favourite charity will be forever impacted by the gift of insurance.



Tax Planning and Tax Preparation

As you work hard to earn your money, we work hard to make sure your financial plan is tax-efficient.

Every successful financial plan requires a detailed look at the tax implications of your decisions. We work with you and guide you so that your investments are tax-efficient and show you how insurance and trust strategies can benefit you.

Tax Planning and Preparation, Tax preparation is provided by Cathie Orfali, Lydia Niyonkuru, Adrian Frei, Marva Brathwaite. Fees charges are based on the complexity of the tax return prepared.



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