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Financial Planning

We take the time to know you, your goals and dreams for yourselves, your families and your business. Once we get to know you, we work to design a plan using financial tools that best suit your needs. Our strategies are based on security, flexibility, diversification and performance — and most importantly — how they add value to you. Think about your goals and call us for a meeting: 613-762-8020.

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Estate Planning

The main pillars of successful retirement and estate planning are based on:

  • Knowing what you will need to have financial security and independence
  • Considering what you want your legacy to be, which will define your life purpose and what you want financially
  • Using the proper financial tools to build wealth and preserve it
  • How to creditor proof your wealth through investment strategies
  • Minimizing your taxes now and for your survivors
  • Minimizing estate taxes, probate fees and securing estate assets

We assist in the estate clearance process and consult with your loved ones as part of our services to clients.

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Tax Planning

As you work hard to earn your money, we work hard to make sure your financial plan is tax efficient. Every successful financial plan requires a detailed look at the tax implications of your decisions. We will work with you and guide you so that your investments are tax-efficient and show you how insurance and trust strategies can benefit you.

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Money Advisors Inc.

Money Advisors is a full-service financial planning office. Our team has combined experience of over 100 years ready to work for you.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to use our knowledge and expertise to have a meaningful financial impact on our clients, your families, businesses and communities. We want to help you create a legacy of good stewardship through solid financial planning that will empower you, those that follow you and future generations.

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Our 10 Principles of Success

  1. Goals: Set realistic and uplifting goals that will start us in the right direction
  2. Set Priorities: Once we set our goals we need to prioritize the steps to accomplish them. We will help you establish which financial goal takes priority step by step.
  3. Hard Work: We are passionate about our work and will work hard to help our clients. Hardwork and dedication = success….always.
  4. Listening: To know our clients is to listen to them. Your financial plan is based on your needs.
  5. Inspire: Through our knowledge and passion about helping clients achieve their financial goals we hope to inspire each client to stay committed to their financial goals knowing that better is possible.
  6. Understanding people: We are all different but we all have goals. We are committed to getting to know you as the more we understand our clients the more we can help them
  7. Growth: Let us help you take your financial plan to new heights. This is not just a slogan but our passion is to help you grow financially.
  8. Timing: Yes timing is everything. We will assist you by timing the important financial milestones you take in life.
  9. Empower: Let us guide you and give you the financial tools so you will be empowered to achieve your financial goals
  10. Legacy: We all stand for something. What you want to be remembered for and who you want to impact will not only be apart of your financial plan but will ultimately become your legacy!
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