Business Insurance

Our Money Advisors team works with several large group insurance partners. We can design your corporate plans to meet specific needs of entrepreneurs, business persons, leading shareholders, managers and partners of your company. Beyond ensuring peace of mind that is essential for healthy business relationships, Business Insurance provides you with tax-free amounts needed for dealing with specific situations – death, disability and critical illness.

Business Insurance allows you to

* Guarantee your company’s survival in the event of a key person or partner’s death

* Finance the buy-out option in the event of a partner’s death, disability or critical illness, in accordance with your purchase-sale agreement

* Facilitate the transfer of your business to the next generation by paying for income taxes and expenses incurred following a death

* Financially compensate depreciation of your business following the owner’s death or disability

* Guarantee repayment of a company loan or line of credit, particularly in the event of disability or critical illness

Insurance and segregated funds provided through PPI and Money Advisors.

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