Hope of Life: Guatemala 2016​

Hope of Life is a functional humanitarian organization since 1987 with over 3,000 orphans cared for from infancy to adulthood, 2,000 rescued in 2014 and 4,500 homes built since 2013 not to forget millions of meals at 78 feeding centres.

Guatemala is extremely poor financially and 70% of children in the high country suffers from malnutrition. In fact, malnutrition is the largest single contributor to disease in the world, according to the UN’s Standing Committee on Malnutrition (SCN).

In August 2015, a team of volunteers from Orleans, Cathie, Francine, Michel, Caroline, Emmanuelle, Justin and Carol from Toronto travelled to Guatemala to assist as volunteers. We painted a room at the orphanage, colour coded paint gallons, prepared food bags, fed over 150 adults and children at a local dump and rescued two babies in the jungle; Marina age 8 months weighing 6 lbs suffering from malnutrition and Jose David age 3 weighing 17 lbs suffering from both malnutrition and a blocked colon.

In 2016, we raised funds to build a house for Jose David and his family and hopefully provide for water wells in his neighbourhood. We also sponsored two children in Guatemala.

Our wish is for you to feel in your hearts what we have felt since our visit to Guatemala with your participation to the golf tournament and your donation.

On behalf of Hope of Life and our group of 7, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. We raised enough money to build a home for Jose David and his family with an addition for his grandparents to live with them.

Our team traveled to Guatemala on Aug 24, 2016 to build the family a home — photos below.

Fund Raising 2016

Our team traveled to Guatemala on Aug 24, 2016 to build the family a home — photos below.

Hope of Life: Guatemala 2016​

Sponsors & Donors

Thank you to our sponsors and donors for bringing this dream to life! If you wish to donate a prize or make a cash donation to Hope of Life, please contact us so we can coordinate. A tax deductible receipt will be provided for your cash donation.

Contact: Michel: 613 858-2328 or Cathie: 613 762-8020

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