Have You Ensure Your Family’s Financial Security?

Money Advisors can help you ensure your family’s financial security and answer your questions. Have you done all you can to ensure your family’s financial security?

  1. Have you ever evaluated your assets?
  2. Do you know what impact inflation could have on your assets?
  3. Do you know who would administer your estate if you and your spouse died at the same time?
  4. Have you made a will? If so, was it revised during the last 5 years?
  5. Did you know that without a will, your spouse may not have the right to an inheritance?
  6. If you became disabled as a result of an accident or an illness, what income would you receive? For how long?
  7. Have you planned your retirement?
  8. Do you take advantage of all the tax savings available to you?
  9. What will be your income at retirement?

In 2016, we raised funds to build a house for Jose David and his family and hopefully provide for water wells in his neighbourhood. We also sponsored two children in Guatemala.

Our wish is for you to feel in your hearts what we have felt since our visit to Guatemala with your participation to the golf tournament and your donation.

On behalf of Hope of Life and our group of 7, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. We raised enough money to build a home for Jose David and his family with an addition for his grandparents to live with them.

Our team traveled to Guatemala on Aug 24, 2016 to build the family a home — photos below.

Hope of Life: Guatemala 2016​

Sponsors & Donors

Thank you to our sponsors and donors for bringing this dream to life! If you wish to donate a prize or make a cash donation to Hope of Life, please contact us so we can coordinate. A tax deductible receipt will be provided for your cash donation.

Contact: Michel: 613 858-2328 or Cathie: 613 762-8020

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